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The Last Wave OST.

Credited to the mysterious figure of Charles Wain, there are a few posts online who believe this to be written and recorded by someone perhaps working out of contract. I need this soundtrack in mylife, so if anyone can help, please get in touch.

Stage Fright.  aka Stage Fright Aquarius / Deliria

Directed by Argento prodigy, Michele Soavi and produced by the notorious Joe D’amato. It’s funny just how creepy feathers and a simple owl mask can be. The ridiculous opening few minutes should be enough to sell anyone on this.

To Live and Die in L.A. 

William Friedkin, in his memoir “The Friedkin Connection,” says that the fake money they made was so good that, after some of it left the set, he eventually heard from the Secret Service and a US Attorney. After he avoided a confrontation with them, Friedkin states, “When the film came out, there were news stories about people trying to make counterfeit money after seeing the step-by-step process in our film. I took some of the twenties, those printed on both sides of course, put them in my wallet, and spent them, in restaurants, shoe-shine parlors, and elsewhere. The money was that good.”

(via louisahhh)

House of Black Lanterns - Between Shadows mix…

Between shadows by House Of Black Lanterns on Mixcloud

Something for the weekend? A new mix from myself. Going from 4/4 electro via Maelstrom, Depeche Mode and Gesaffelstein through some darker techno care of SCB, round to the Keysound vibe of Wen, Mumdance and Logos. Behind The Wheel is one of my all time favourite tracks, and i really had to put together a mix just to include it. The only small amount of warping on Turrican 2 sounds a tad crappy, but … well it is what it is. No take backs.

House of King Cannibal

Just new to this Spotify thing really, so with the extra enthusiasm i have for it right now, I made a playlist of some of both my favourite and more slept on of my King Cannibal and House of Black Lanterns tracks


'Terminal' is the new single taken from dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip's third album - 'Repent Replenish Repeat'.


Sunday Best (CD/LP):


Free House of Black Lanterns remix of Winter Son ‘Almost A Phantom’

Don’t forget, you can still download a free copy of my House of Black Lanterns remix of Winter Son ‘Almost A Phantom’.

It’s very rare i actually ask to do a remix, as i usually get asked and then spent time thinking of ways to get out of it, but i heard the Winter Son original (which Daniel Avery is also a big fan of) and liked it so much, i wanted to get my hands on it. 

You can also read an interview with Winter Son over on the Truantsblog

The whole EP is out now on This Is It Forever.

Terminal - House of Black Lanterns Remix, out now!

My remixe of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip’s ‘Terminal’ is out now, in both vocal and instrumental versions. 

I had a great time working on this one, especially given the depth and meaning of the lyrics. It’s not often one gets to meddle with something that cuts deeper than most, delivering a tale as heartfelt as this. I hope i did the original some sense of justice. 





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